Troy + Lana | married

1) Favorite moment?
There were many, but one of the sweetest was when Lana walked out in her wedding dress and her bridesmaids saw her for the first time. She’s got quite an incredible bunch of women in her life! Also, you’ll see below that during the ceremony, Troy and Lana’s families surrounded them and prayed over them. One photo that makes me cry EVERY time I look through these captures a moment when Lana was crying and her mother wiped tears from her cheek. Crying again as I type this, no surprise there!

2) Favorite detail? 
Those classic faux furs that the bride and bridesmaids wore. I love a good fur for a winter wedding!

3) When did you cry? 
Well, aside from the moment mentioned above, it was also really special when Lana and her father shared a few moments before her first look with Troy. I think it is a really precious thing to set aside specific time for dad on the wedding day, or really anyone who has loved you (bride or groom!) in a big way throughout your life.

4) M.V.P of the day?

Considering how cold and unbelievably windy it was, I’m going to say the entire wedding party because look at those images - you can’t even tell how frigid the day was! Everyone was just so happy to be there to support Troy and Lana and they were up for anything, no matter the weather.