Jake + Candice | engaged


Just looking through these images has me grinning ear to ear all over again! Jake and Candice met and became friends while they were in nursing school, and eventually Jake asked Candice on their first date. I’m chuckling right now because as Candice tells it, she didn’t actually realize it was a date at first! Needless to say, that first date went reallllly well and here they are! Doing life together ever since, adventuring to different places as travel nurses and exploring WITH THEIR CAT, Berlioz. He is pictured below and he is awesome and hilarious.

Something that’s really stood out to me as I’ve gotten to know these two is how they’ve built such a strong, romantic, sweet friendship through the years, especially while traveling together to new places where they don’t know anyone else except each other. To me, this is the kind of situation that can make or break people - when you’re constantly moving and you’re both the closest and best friend that the other has, that can be a lot of pressure. But Jake and Candice have embraced everything about it and it’s undoubtedly helped them to grow closer AND treasure the love (and life) they share.

Obviously… I cannot wait to be there to capture and celebrate their commitment. November can’t come soon enough!