Darren + Jacque | engaged

Oh my, friends... it's been awhile since Brent and I have visited the beach together and I can't tell you how thankful I am that Darren + Jacque suggested we photograph their engagement session at one of their favorite places - the beach! There is something really refreshing about digging your toes into the sand and this time there was the added bonus of frolicking through the waves with two people who love each other so very much AND capturing that love with my best friend by my side. 

There is a lot about our time together that was really special to me, but one of my favorite parts was standing at the place where they first said, "I love you," and listening to them reminisce on that moment of their relationship. 

I LOVE these photos and I just think the joy is tangible, so I hope they add a little extra joy to your Monday! 

Brad + Addie | engaged

Brad and Addie (affectionately called "Braddie" by their loved ones) seriously stole my heart the first time we met! They kindly invited me into their home for coffee and we chatted for quite awhile about their story and life hopes for their wedding day - and inevitably, bonded over our shared love of dogs. I remember leaving with such a big smile on my face and hoping that I would be able to share in the joy of their wedding celebration... and also snuggle with the puppy they were planning to welcome into their family in the next few months! 

They chose to do their engagement session on Addie's family's farm, which made it extra special for me because it already holds so many memories from years past, and then I had the honor of making more with them during our time together! Her grandmother sat on the porch while we wandered the property and I snuggled their pup, Daryl, between every shot, and we soaked up every last bit of the gorgeous sunset we had that day. 

It's probably a little early for this but I'm officially counting down the days to their "I do's" this coming May! 

Justin + Kate | married

One of my tasks for this week is going through images from 2017 and choosing some of my favorites so I can update my website. This has been really difficult and I'm considering that an incredible blessing because last year holds so many memories I cherish and will be favorites for many more years to come. Anyway... 

As I was looking through Justin + Kate's wedding day, it occurred to me that in just a few weeks they will be celebrating six months of marriage so it seemed appropriate to share some of my favorites from their day. This was, by far, one of the most emotional weddings of the year for me. From Kate's first look with her father (reliving this moment today brought me to tears), to the insanely sweet and loving way that Justin looked at his bride the entire day, to the beautiful time of worship during the ceremony, and the tears that filled everyone's eyes when Justin and his mom shared a dance together. The radiating love of Jesus throughout the day was powerful and moving. OH, and I cannot forget the most hilarious and fun crowd of dancers that filled the barn with palpable joy and laughter! And that dreamy sparkler exit! 


Andy + Lauren | engaged

As the year draws to a close, I've been reflecting on all that I've experienced in 2017 and while there are so many things to be thankful for - I am most grateful for all of the people in my life. For my family and their unconditional and gracious love, for the friends who have walked beside me through thick and thin, for clients who have trusted me with some of their most precious moments and who have become friends I can hardly imagine my life without, for every person who has challenged me and encouraged me in pursuing this passion.

Lauren is one of those people and I treasure her so very much. From our first emails together, to chatting about life over coffee and texting about wedding details, to this AMAZING and fun engagement session, to just getting to know one another... I am so thankful for her joyful and encouraging presence. And I'm chuckling to myself thinking about all of the years that we ran in the same circles and shared mutual friends, I'd never known her personally but had observed her beautiful spirit interacting with others and loved the way she openly shared her heart on social media - it makes me so grateful to call her my friend and to be sharing in this exciting time in her and Andy's life. 

Andy + Lauren, I love watching you both build a life together - from the way you've created a warm and welcoming space in your home, to the way you bring out the best qualities in one another, to the way you love each other with humility and selflessness. Thank you for inviting me to be a part of it! 

Andrew + Laura | married

When I first met Andrew and Laura and they shared the vision for their wedding, I immediately wanted to be a part of it. The unique venue, the focus on simplicity and gathering their treasured loved ones to celebrate together with them, and their shared excitement to just be MARRIED - it all resonated so much with me and reminded me of my hopes for my own wedding day five years ago.

It was one of the first days of fall that actually felt like fall - the air was crisp and it was cold enough to make you want to hold a warm cup of coffee in your hands. When we arrived, many of Andrew and Laura's family and friends were there and helping with set up, makeup, and sharing in the excitement and anticipation. As soon as Laura was ready and in her dress, we made our way to their new apartment for a first look with Andrew. It was awesome. 

They began their ceremony with a time of worship that was beautiful and moving and it was the first of many times that tears filled my eyes throughout the day. I wish I could explain the day, but if beauty could be captured well enough with words then pictures wouldn't be so special! Their reception was warm, cozy, and felt more like a big family dinner. The sound of conversation and laughter filled the entire room, and I think that anyone there would agree with me when I say that you could truly feel the overflowing joy shared by every guest.

And finally, the celebration ended with my favorite exit ever. Seriously. If you don't want to look at every photo below, just scroll to the very bottom and I guarantee you'll be smiling as soon as you see Andrew + Laura's smiles. :)