Casey + Aislyn | engaged

A few weeks ago, Brent and I ventured to Alexandria for an engagement session with Casey and Aislyn and it was one of my favorite sessions to date. Not because the weather was PERFECT and the cobblestone streets made it feel like we were traveling somewhere in Europe and these two just fit together so effortlessly... but because they chose a location that holds a lot of precious memories for them, where so many meaningful moments in their relationship happened. And I have to tell you that one of my new favorite ways to explore a new city is wandering around just like we did on this crisp August evening, visiting otherwise ordinary places that were made extra-ordinary by the people who made memories there. 

SO EXCITED for even more memories to be made at their wedding next May! 

Colin + Pilar | married

I recently started journaling after every wedding, just a few notes about the details and my feelings as I reflect on the day. The memories. The people. The emotion. Even still, it's so difficult for me to put into words how much I cherish what I do, the people I spend time with, the love and joy I get to experience weekend after weekend.

This day was quite the celebration, from the beautiful peonies that filled every room with the scent of spring, to the endless smiles from everyone present, to the love for Colin and Pilar that was shared by every family member and friend. We celebrated who they were before they met, who they encourage and challenge one another to be now that they're together, and we celebrated the way that the Lord faithfully brought them to the moment that they said, "I do." 

Thousands and thousands of images could never do this day justice, but here are just a few that I love. 

Austin + Liz | engaged

Austin and Liz are getting married today, so I decided it would be nice to share some of their joy with you on the blog in honor of the joy we'll be celebrating today as they commit their lives to one another and to the Lord. 

Happy Saturday, friends! I can't think of a better way to be spending mine. :) 

Todd + Sarah | engaged

Todd and Sarah met in high school and their story is something like that of a cute romantic comedy about two kids falling for each other. Here's the super short version:

Sarah, a freshman, had a crush on Todd, a junior who wasn't really interested in dating a freshman. Toward the end of the next school year, they went to the Junior/Senior prom with dates that they just didn't click with, and they ended up spending time with each other for the entire night. They clearly liked each other, but didn't start dating until later that summer when Todd left for college and even through the following four years of long distance, they've been together ever since! 

It's so evident when you spend time with these two that not only are they the best of friends, they're still falling for each other even after all these years. It's something special, and I'm really thankful to be celebrating AND capturing their love this fall. 

Austin + Jazmin | engaged

Happy Monday, friends! 

Can I tell you something? Blogging is kind of tough! Not because it can be a little time consuming or because I dread doing it, but because I want to share my heart with you here. I want to share how amazing the PEOPLE in these images really are, and sometimes I feel a little redundant when I'm writing about that - because I'm so fortunate to be connecting with such incredible people that I could spend a LOT of time raving about! So, I hope you can forgive me for getting a little repetitive in these posts. But I believe that it's a good thing to run out of positive adjectives to describe the people in your life. :) 

With that said, here's Austin and Jazmin - two people I really love spending time with. They're kind, thoughtful, fun, AND THEY HAVE THE CUTEST CORGI PUPPY. Need I say more? But in all seriousness, from Jazmin's first email that was so sweet, to meeting over coffee and bonding over so many things that we all love (i.e. The Office, corgis, marketing, trying new foods, etc.) - I knew we were meant to be friends and I am sincerely thankful to be sharing life with them.