Joe + Megan | married

1) Favorite moment?
EASY. When Joe saw Megan coming down the aisle. I literally cannot look through the progression of those images without weeping. And I mean weeping.

2) Favorite detail? 
The groom + groomsmen had their suits custom made and you’ll see below, each of them chose a unique design for the lining of their suit. I’d never seen this before and I love how the suits were extra special for all of them!

3) When did you cry? 
Well… as already noted, I cried during the ceremony. I also cried during all of the dances AND all of the speeches. It was a pretty emotional day (in the best way) and I knew that it would be from my first phone conversation with Megan when she shared some of their story - I was really moved by the way she spoke of how God had worked in their lives through the years, but when they were together and apart.

4) M.V.P of the day? 
I’m going to have to go with my INCREDIBLE second shooter and beautiful friend, Kari. As some of you may know, I am kind of a scaredy cat when it comes to driving to Philadelphia and Kari has accompanied me a few times and is always SO SUPPORTIVE as I navigate the land of no turn signals and what feels like a 10,000 lanes of highway.