Portrait of me by Madeline Isabella. She is awesome.




Hi there! I'm so glad you're here. 

I’m Andrea! I'm a wife, daughter, friend, coffee lover, dog mom, and photographer from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. I specialize in lifestyle and wedding photography, with a journalistic approach to capturing my subjects honestly and with minimal posing. I was twelve years old when my parents gifted me my first digital camera and I'm almost 100% certain that I have taken a photo every day since. I have this inexplicable joy and excitement when I'm behind a camera (and, let’s be real, behind my handy iPhone, too!), but the primary reason that I love photography is because it's innately personal. I love people. People matter, more than the style of an outfit or the details of a venue. It's those raw moments that make up your life and who you are that captivate me - that's what I'm after. 

I  believe that a photo is an heirloom, a precious moment and fleeting memory captured and shared for generations to come. I love being able to play a small role in helping to preserve some of your life and your story. 

I believe that each individual has been fearfully and wonderfully made by a loving Creator, so I do my very best to capture every portrait, detail, and moment in a way that reflects who you are. And while you'll read below that I LOVE to travel to new places, I also believe that who you're with is far more important than where you are, so wherever we venture to together - I know it will be amazing!

If you want to listen to me share a bit more about my story and the heart behind this business, head over to The Hingework Podcast.


  • My husband, Brent. We love to do life together and he is my favorite and most trusted assistant, so there's a good chance that you'll meet him during a portrait session. He's known for his posing skills, welcoming disposition, and amazing ability to make everyone giggle. 

  • People, of course! Family, friends, and even strangers who stop me on the street to snuggle with my dog. My education is in Cultural Anthropology, so I love traveling to new places, learning new things, and meeting people. This is one of the reasons that I love doing what I do - it allows me to build relationships in such a unique way and it works out pretty well for me that so often clients end up becoming friends - let’s make that happen!

  • My furry best friend, Toby

  • A latte (usually caramel!) at my favorite local cafe

  • New York City!!!

  • Cooking and more recently, baking!

  • The Office

  • Singing often

  • Breakfast foods

  • Walking in the charming city that I call home

  • The color red

  • ...and really, I love a LOT of things, so I’ll stop here before this list gets too long!