Matt + Alexis | engaged

I seriously love the memories I have from this session with Matt and Alexis and I’ll tell you why. First of all, they are so much fun to be around and it’s a testament to who they are that they were SUCH troopers on one of the first very cold days that we had in the fall. To top it off, it was also SO WINDY that day. So windy. The kind of “windy” that has you nervous as you’re driving because it feels like your car might lift off into the sky! But they showed up, embraced the weather, and we had so much fun with it! The other thing I’d like to note is that clients often go into wonky, less-than-ideal weather thinking that it will negatively impact their session and the final images - but actually, it makes everything better. I will say that the wind we had on this particular day was… a bit much. (Haha!) But even still, I LOVE wind because it creates natural movement, like making your dress a little extra flowy or elevating your newly realized model status with a gentle tuck of hair away from your face.

All of that to say, weather is sometimes wonky and life is sometimes wonky. BUT, when we embrace it and make the best of what we’re facing, the result is almost always so much better than we could have imagined!

Happy Monday!