Jordan + Ashley

These two people. Where to begin?

A little over three years ago, Ashley moved into the apartment next to us. We would say hello’s in passing (well, as she would tell you, I would excitedly say “HELLO!” and if she couldn’t get away from me quick enough, she would say hello back. Haha!), but we didn’t have any real conversations at first. Then one day, she locked herself out of her apartment and didn’t have her phone… so she knocked on my door and asked to use mine to call someone to let her in. That’s when it all began! Eventually, she took Brent and I to dinner to to thank us for watching her cat while she was away for the weekend and we all hit it off. Through the last few years, our friendship has grown in a way I never expected. We are both so different and yet so similar at the same time, which means that we really understand one another, but we also butt heads at times and can be pretty stubborn when we’re …overly emotional. :) We’ve fought for our friendship, taken the time to learn how to communicate well with each other, and I can honestly say she knows me better than most people. I can hardly put into words how thankful I am for her. She is strong and persistent and caring and thoughtful. She is an incredible person who rises above the most difficult and heartbreaking circumstances. She is the best nurse and despite how exhausting and overwhelming her work can be, she always has room to care for the people she loves. I could go on and on… but I will just say that before Jordan, I had a hard time imagining that anyone could measure up.

But then I met Jordan. Things started off slowly, but ask anyone who knows her and they’ll tell you that no one has ever made her smile the way that he does. He is hard-working, patient, intentional, and the way he loves everything about her (and I mean everything, even the tough stuff!)… well, I have tears in my eyes just thinking about it. No surprise there. It’s been almost a year now and seeing their relationship grow to where it is today has been a joy. It’s strong, adoring, fun-loving, supportive, devoted, grounded, and really - they are FOR one another. In everything. And it’s an added bonus that Jordan felt like a friend to us from the moment we met him.

So, finally, I want to say CONGRATULATIONS to two of our dearest friends, because they are ENGAGED and we couldn’t be any more thrilled about it! I’m giggling to myself right now because we took these photos back in November and little did Ashley know that Jordan would soon be down on one knee, asking her to do life together as husband and wife. WOOHOO!

Jordan and Ashley,
Brent and I treasure your friendship and we love you both SO much.
We are proud of you and cannot wait to see what’s in store in the many years to come.