Casey + Aislyn | married

1) Favorite moment?
I can’t choose just one?! I loved the moments between Casey and his dad, especially as he was getting ready for the day. I also really loved right after Casey and Aislyn were announced as husband and wife - their walk down the aisle was full of applause and smiles and congratulations. It was like something out of a movie!

2) Favorite detail? 
The Chubbies shorts on the fellas. It was such a great (and practical) gift for the groomsmen and as you’ll see, these guys modeled them well. :) AND THAT FOG. It certainly wasn’t a planned detail, but it was absolutely magical!

3) When did you cry? 
Definitely when Aislyn and her dad had their first look! Aislyn and I are both only children and we have similarly close relationships with our parents, so as I was witnessing those special moments she shared with both her mom and her dad throughout the day, I was flooded with memories of similar moments that I had during my own wedding and how much I treasure them.

4) M.V.P of the day? 
I’m not sure how well this question is working out because it is SO difficult to narrow it down and when I think back to this day, every person that we interacted with was kind and helpful and awesome. So, I guess I’m not really answering this other than to say that it is clear to me how very well loved each of my couples are by their people and that’s something really darn wonderful!