I've sat down at my computer every day since last Tuesday trying to find the words to accompany the photos below. It's been a struggle. I want to share about Megan - how beautiful she is, how confident she is, how graceful and selfless she is even in the midst of great adversity, how she is a wonderful nurse and how she is so seriously full of life, laughter, and love. And the thing is, I don't know Megan very well - we met only a year ago through a mutual and I've spent some time with her here and there in passing... but it doesn't take long to see how amazing she is, and you see it in the way that she supports and encourages her loved ones so fiercely. 

I'd also like to share about the battle she is in right now, but I'm not a nurse... so I pulled this information from the Facebook page that her awesome friends put together for her to share updates and create a space for people to share their support. The text below was written by Ursula, coworker and very close friend. 

"Megan is a dear friend and co-worker of mine in the IICU at Lancaster General Hospital. As a baby, Megan was diagnosed with retinoblastoma and has an artificial right eye. Fast forward 23 years and Megan started to develop nose bleeds. Megan went to an ENT physician and they found a mass in her nasal cavity. After a cat scan, MRI, and two biopsies, it was discovered that Megan has osteosarcoma. Megan will have surgery on Friday September 30th to remove her tumor. After that surgery, she will have extensive chemotherapy treatment. Megan will be out of work for at least 6 to 9 months. We developed a #Megansfight t-shirt as a fundraiser for Megan. Once you purchase and receive your t-shirt we would like you to post a picture of yourself in the t-shirt with the #Megansfight. There will be other fundraisers coming up to help raise funds for Megan so keep your eyes on the page. Thank you again for your prayers and support." 

Megan had surgery last Friday and is now beginning her road to recovery. The support system that has stepped up and rallied around Megan to carry her through this time is INCREDIBLE. Never in my life have I witnessed such unconditional and selfless friendship. So finally, I want to share some of the ways that you can join the community surrounding Megan right now. 

  • Join the #megansfight Facebook group to read about Megan's progress, stay posted on fundraisers to help lighten the financial burden, and share words of encouragement for Megan and her loved ones to see. 
  • Visit the GoFundMe page HERE to see updates from Megan's family and to make an online donation to help with medical expenses.
  • Pray, pray, pray. For Megan, for her fiance (Taylor, you'll see more of him below), for her family, for her friends, and for all of the patients in IICU who won't have the opportunity to have her care for them so well until she's back. 

Let's lift up Megan, in every way that we can.