A Friday Afternoon | personal

I love the opportunity to share bits and pieces of my personal life here - my hope is that those who may not have met me yet will feel a little more at home with me as they see more of my everyday moments!

I work in the office at my other job (Lancaster City Alliance) Monday - Thursday, so Fridays are 100% dedicated to all things photo (and grocery shopping, laundry, etc. mixed in, of course!) AND they're a little more flexible since I work from home, so I get to enjoy mid-afternoon breaks like this one! Liz, Emme, and I decided to take a short walk down to our favorite cafe for some pastries and iced lattes. Liz is my favorite subject (you'll see why!) when it comes to experimenting with light, locations, and posing, so we wandered a little and she patiently let me snap a few photos. She's a beauty and an incredibly loving, patient, and wonderful mom (wife, daughter, friend, you name it.)