Chad & Lauren - Engaged

Whenever I sit down to write a blog, I'm never quite sure where to begin. So tonight, I'm just going to list my thoughts about this bright and sunny session with Chad and Lauren + Ace and Bandit, featuring a sneaky appearance by one of their cats. 

  1. It's hard for me to believe that it's been over ten years since Lauren and I were riding home on the bus together from elementary school. It really made me so happy to see her SO happy now, creating a life together with Chad. 
  2. I will always be an advocate for including furry family members in any kind of session. I love them all so much and I really enjoy that they bring this genuinely candid feature to photographs. You really can't control what they're going to do and I think it's really sweet how the images below provide this little glimpse of what life is really like in their little family - unposed and beautifully real. 
  3. Ladies - it's usually a good idea to bring an extra pair of shoes/flip flops/rain boots with you, just in case we decide to do something like wander into a lake or trek through the forest for the perfect light. 
  4. When I asked Chad and Lauren to share one of their favorite memories together, they had a hard time coming up with one because they've been together for almost seven years. There's just so many and that makes it difficult to decide on just one. Seven years of memories down and a LOT more memories to come! 
  5. Lauren chose Grubb Lake for our first location, a park just down the road from their home, and then we headed back to their beautiful place for some fun shots with their dogs! I love when a couple chooses their location(s), because that usually means it's a place that is meaningful to them and where they feel comfortable. 
  6. And finally, HOW CUTE IS THIS LITTLE FAMILY?! I don't need to say it but I will anyways - I am so excited for their wedding in July! 

Here are just a few of my favorites...