A Sunday in Spring

It's hard to believe it was snowing just a little over a week ago, which certainly has me appreciating the beautiful spring weather we are finally experiencing. Brent and I shot our first wedding of the season on Saturday, and I honestly can't imagine a better way to decompress and spend our Sunday than with Caleb, Meagan, and Kemma.

It was especially wonderful for me because Meagan has been our go-to photographer since we were first engaged - she's captured Brent and I through so many of the seasons we've experienced so far as a couple and it was honestly a joy for me to finally be able to get HER (AND Caleb + Kemma) in front of the camera for an impromptu photo session. She is also the first person to have offered me an opportunity to photograph professionally and it's pretty unlikely that I would even be sitting here writing this blog if it weren't for her place in my life. 

Here's a peek into what a relaxing Sunday looks like for us. Ice cream + our pups = the best.