Todd & Samantha - Engaged

I remember our time with Todd and Samantha so vividly because we met on the first cold-enough-to-make-you-shiver, windy, fall-like day of autumn. These two are college sweethearts, whose paths also crossed with mine in quite a few Anthropology classes. Todd is an archaeologist and knows his history, so basically... Indiana Jones. Sam is so soft-spoken, sweet, and intelligent, and they both are friendly and wonderful to be around! Their chemistry was really fun for me to experience, sort of like a couple who has been married for 30 or so years, weathered and genuine, still very much in love. Brent and I really enjoyed our time with them, especially warming up with hot tea and coffee at Prince Street Cafe at the end of our session! Also, what. a. ring. 

I can't wait for their April wedding!