Ocean City, Maryland

Every once in awhile, I will be sharing bits and pieces of my life here on the blog (maybe a recipe or two, too!), because as Michael Scott would say, "Business is always personal." I really value relationship and connection, so if you're visiting my website for the first time or we've never met yet, I hope you'll grow to feel comfortable with me while learning a little bit about who I am and what I love in life! 

- - - - - 

When I was growing up, my family would visit Ocean City, Maryland, for a week every summer. It should be noted that when I say family, I mean the ENTIRE extended family on my mom’s side - which includes both of my grandparents, all seven of my mom’s brothers and sisters and their respective other halves, AND all of my cousins. I loved it, everyone together in one place! Some of my fondest childhood memories were made during these annual weeks with loved ones. I still remember the time that a seagull dropped a present on my Pop-pop and his face when it happened; venturing out onto the sandbars with my older cousins; trying to boogie board but hardly at all because I was a wimp and didn’t like my knees being scratched by the sand; listening to my dad as he woke early every morning for his cup of coffee; digging for sand crabs… 

Needless to say, I love being able to visit here with my husband now that I’m older and starting a little family of my own. We join my parents (pictured below - they've hardly aged since 30, it's unreal!) each year, which makes the trip extra special because they are just so wonderful! When I think back on those annual vacations, I don’t remember much about the place itself but rather the time spent with the people I loved. The more I grow up, the more this becomes true - life is much more about who you are with, not where you’re at. Location can be beautiful, sometimes important, but people matter above all else. This is one of many reasons why I love being able to photograph PEOPLE.  

Here is a peek into some of the memories that our little family made in Ocean City this past summer …approximately 75% of them are photos of our furry pup, Toby. He’s a ham in front of the camera!