Tyler + Katie | engaged

It's Monday and the air today has the chill of winter so it seemed fitting to share this super sweet and snowy session with Tyler and Katie from a few months ago. 

Tyler and Katie met through Tyler's sister, Morgan, who also happens to be Katie's best friend. Their meet-cute story really resonated with me, because it included Katie biting into a creme puff and the creme pouring all over her beautiful homecoming dress. If you know me, you know I'm clumsy and this sort of thing happens to me all too often - I have quite a few of these silly embarrassing things happening to me in front of my now-husband, Brent! They started dating shortly after the affectionately named "creme puff situation," drifted apart for awhile, and then reconnected again a little over two years ago after spending a few years apart.

They have a long story, but at the heart of it all is that sometimes love means waiting until the timing is right. That's what they did, and this coming September we'll all be celebrating their story and all that they've been through that has brought them together!