A Wednesday Adventure

My head feels a little swirly today, so I'll keep my rambling to a minimum. Please bear with me! 

Since the very beginning of pursuing photography professionally and starting our business, I decided that it was really important for me to be intentional about capturing the beauty of OUR life - not just the lives of others. So, that is the purpose of this post - to share a little snippet of where I find beauty in my life! 

We had snow yesterday, but this week began with a few days of what felt like spring and though I love winter, I also really loved being able to venture out into nature without having to bundle up. On Wednesday, Liz and I decided to take advantage of the warmer temperature and take our kiddos (Liz has a human, I have a pup) on a little adventure for some fun and exercise! 

A neat fact about Liz if you don't know this about her already - she is incredibly creative/amazing and started her line of handmade leather goods (Liz Riden) two years ago, which happens to be around the same time that we met and became instant friends. Actually, sort of creepily instant soul mates who have to text each other before hanging out to make sure that we aren't wearing the same outfit. I love it. Anyway, she is TALENTED and makes the most beautiful tote bags, clutches, and even camera straps - you'll see a few of her products below because we thought it would be fun to do some simple product shots on our hike to the White Cliffs. The idea seemed a lot easier in theory than it was in real life... with a one year old whose new favorite food is rocks? ...and a dog who just wants to roll around and run everywhere. BUT we managed to grab a few and I have to tell you, one of my favorite things right now is capturing Liz being a seriously wonderful mother to Emme, who is the silliest ham of the century.