Mike + Christine | engaged

I've known Christine since 7th grade and most of my best memories during middle school were, hands down, in her company. She broadened my musical horizons by introducing me to artists like Incubus and I distinctly remember laughing a LOT with her. We've been out of touch since high school with the exception of bumping into each other only long enough for a quick, "Hey! How are you?!" but when I sat down with her and Mike to talk about their wedding a few months ago, I remembered instantly why I love being around her! She's kind, crazy intelligent, and there's something about her that just makes you feel at ease. Mike is pretty great, too - and it was a really sweet thing for me to meet the man that my dear old friend has chosen to spend her life with. They love each other well. 

Also, I just have to say that Mike and Christine are the kind of people whose presence makes time feel like it's moving faster and when you leave, you're like.. "wait, didn't I just get here a minute ago?" I had the best time visiting with them AND getting to scope out two locations that I'd never been to before. Who knew I'd been missing out all of these years of never going to Wrightsville, PA?