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On New Year's Eve, two of our best friends welcomed the sweetest little human into the world and I am feeling all sorts of overjoyed after spending the afternoon with them. Life is so neat - over four years ago, I was sitting across from Meagan at a Barnes and Noble asking her to capture our wedding day. She's taken all of the professional photos that Brent and I have together, and I love looking back at how our friendship has weathered different seasons of life and continued to grow through the years. And just one more fun fact about Meagan before I get too sappy over here... right after Brent and I were married, I struggled through depression and felt loneliness like I never had before. It was a difficult time for me and then Meagan asked me to start shooting weddings with her. She invited me along to sessions and she even let me borrow her extra camera for almost a year so that I could practice and have the opportunity to stretch my creative muscle. She saw my heart, took a chance on me and trusted me to shoot with her, and she stirred up a passion that was sitting dormant within me. And honestly, I'm certain I wouldn't be here today writing this caption if it weren't for her. So many of my loved ones have encouraged me and challenged me to pursue my heart's desire - but Meagan started it all. And here I am getting all weepy thinking about how incredible life is and how God must chuckle sometimes at how much we want to control everything in our lives and yet he works all things together in his perfect timing and through his faithful servants. So anyway... here's one of my favorites from today and can we just take a moment to admire how beautiful this new mother is?! LIKE AN ANGEL. Thanks for being a gem, Meagan. I am so proud of you. And Caleb? Thanks for loving my dear friend so, so well.