Jeremy & Becky | married

A wedding in my favorite city. I can't tell you how incredibly excited I was to be a part of Jeremy and Becky's wedding celebrations! The day started in Chelsea, then we ventured into Lower Manhattan to City Hall with the couple and their sweet families, the ceremony was approximately two minutes long and excitement filled the room when they said "I do!", then we ate an incredible dinner at a GLUTEN FREE ITALIAN RESTAURANT (real life? yes! Brent had unlimited SAFE dinner options to enjoy!), and the day ended with an out-of-this-world-someone-please-pinch-me rooftop party in Brooklyn with views that left me legitimately speechless. 

There is so much I could say about Jeremy and Becky, and their friends and family. Warm, welcoming, totally themselves, lots of fun, and just downright wonderful. We left feeling like we had just spent the day with new friends - it was a reminder of how amazing it is that we get to meet so many beautiful people and capture some of what will be their most treasured memories. 

To say that I feel blessed is an insane understatement. Here are a FEW (very few, because I have SO many) of my favorites from the day!