Luis & Mary - Engaged

After about ten minutes of typing, then deleting, then typing again, then rethinking, then deleting... I have decided that my brain isn't at its best for writing eloquently tonight and I simply can't wait any longer to share this sweet session with you - so I'll let the photos mostly speak for themselves. I will say that I really adore Luis and Mary. I've known Mary for years and had so much fun reminiscing while we captured these photos. It seems like it was just yesterday that we were in sixth grade and meeting for the first time,  so it really feels extra special for me to reconnect with her during this season of life and see the way that she loves Luis and he loves her. Truly, truly overjoyed for them as they prepare to commit their lives to one another in May! 

I should also mention that 50% of the images that I took were of Phoebe, the silliest diva of a pup given to Mary by Luis as a gift for her birthday last year. Needless to say, she's a pretty important member of their family and therefore she rightfully deserved a pretty significant amount of attention. As Mary would say, "the world needs to experience her cuteness." She is definitely very loved.