Ben & Summer | maternity

First, I'd like to say that I'm going to try my hardest not to get overly mushy in this post. Please bear with me OR kindly scroll through the paragraphs below to some pretty cute photos of two people who clearly missed their calling as models... 

You may or may not know this already depending on how much you follow me on social media, but Summer and I have been friends our entire lives. Our parents attended the same church together and 27 years ago, we were born about one month apart and we have been friends ever since. I've said it probably a thousand times (or more) in my life, but having a friend to walk through so many seasons of life with is amazing. She is, as they say, my person. Though we've gone through times of not talking much, we've also really never known a life without each other. She gets me, I don't need to explain why I am the way that I am or share the reasons behind some of my quirkiest qualities... because she already knows. It is an incredible treasure to be known by someone and still be loved by them. 

Summer is warm, funny, beautiful, loving, real, strong, intelligent, and simple in the way that she knows what's important to her and she doesn't let life's junk complicate it. I love that about her and she challenges me to do the same just by being her. She is that trustworthy friend who everyone longs for. I know that whatever I share with her, my deepest hurts and most embarrassing moments - they're safe. She has always been fiercely independent and she's always been confident in who she is. I'm going to sound like a cheeseball here, but whatever - her laugh is the best and one of the reasons I love being in her company is because it means laughing to the point of my stomach aching. It refreshes my soul and helps me work on my abs (LOL). When we're together, we can just BE. I can't tell you how many times she has put up with a simultaneously sobbing and giggling Andrea. Yes, sobbing and giggling, because I'm INSANE and she has always been around to keep my emotions grounded and giggle along with me when I'm being crazy. And her husband, Ben... Oh, Ben. I spent most of my life thinking that there was absolutely no way anyone could be good enough for my best friend. Really. I seriously thought it was impossible and if you know Summer, you will understand why. Then came Ben, this guy who has treasured her heart from the moment he began his pursuit; who always shows up and gives his everything to all that he does; who complements her strength with his quiet sensitivity; who visibly seeks to bring out the best in her; who takes care of her with his life in a way that honestly never stops amazing me. And can I share something sort of embarrassing but also very honest with you? He is really so great that I still have these moments when I wonder if he might actually be a robot because he is just so LEGIT. If you know Ben, you probably understand this... HOW IS HE SO LEGIT?!

All of this is to say, I love these people wholeheartedly. I am overjoyed to see them grow together and now, take on new titles as "father" and "mother." I know they will love Baby M and raise him to be a confident, strong, loving, and faithful man of Christ. And I can't wait for the years to come to be there watching and cheering them on. 

So... let's pretend that I didn't sob my way through all of that and move on to some cute photos of these two expecting friends of mine.