Andrew + Laura | married

When I first met Andrew and Laura and they shared the vision for their wedding, I immediately wanted to be a part of it. The unique venue, the focus on simplicity and gathering their treasured loved ones to celebrate together with them, and their shared excitement to just be MARRIED - it all resonated so much with me and reminded me of my hopes for my own wedding day five years ago.

It was one of the first days of fall that actually felt like fall - the air was crisp and it was cold enough to make you want to hold a warm cup of coffee in your hands. When we arrived, many of Andrew and Laura's family and friends were there and helping with set up, makeup, and sharing in the excitement and anticipation. As soon as Laura was ready and in her dress, we made our way to their new apartment for a first look with Andrew. It was awesome. 

They began their ceremony with a time of worship that was beautiful and moving and it was the first of many times that tears filled my eyes throughout the day. I wish I could explain the day, but if beauty could be captured well enough with words then pictures wouldn't be so special! Their reception was warm, cozy, and felt more like a big family dinner. The sound of conversation and laughter filled the entire room, and I think that anyone there would agree with me when I say that you could truly feel the overflowing joy shared by every guest.

And finally, the celebration ended with my favorite exit ever. Seriously. If you don't want to look at every photo below, just scroll to the very bottom and I guarantee you'll be smiling as soon as you see Andrew + Laura's smiles. :) 

Matt + Bridget | engaged

It's been a little over two years since onethirtynine photography officially began and I can honestly say that one of the VERY best parts of this business is how it's allowed me to reconnect with so many people whose paths have crossed mine throughout my life. Matt is one of those people - he is friendly, creative, an incredibly talented musician, and I will always remember how kind he was (and still is) to everyone when I first met him in high school. And Bridget? If you can believe it, her heart is even more beautiful than her smile, she is intelligent and thoughtful, and possesses the sort of kindness that puts everyone around her at ease. Together they are unstoppable and it brings me an indescribable amount of joy to see my old friend in love with his best friend. I can hardly begin to tell you how much I've enjoyed spending time with these two AND I can't wait to witness their vows next year. 


Ray + Marianne | engaged

I've known Marianne for a few years now - she was the manager that hired me at LOFT (where I purchase 80% of my wardrobe still to this day) during our first year of marriage and I can honestly say I've never been greeted by her with anything but a smile and abundant kindness. She is beautiful, inside and out, and is an incredible leader that values those around her. To say that it brings me joy to see how deeply loved she is by Ray + how deeply she loves Ray... that would be a huge understatement. And when I asked Ray what he thought when he met Marianne for the first time, he didn't even really need to answer. The smile on his face, the way he looks at her words needed.

Casey + Aislyn | engaged

A few weeks ago, Brent and I ventured to Alexandria for an engagement session with Casey and Aislyn and it was one of my favorite sessions to date. Not because the weather was PERFECT and the cobblestone streets made it feel like we were traveling somewhere in Europe and these two just fit together so effortlessly... but because they chose a location that holds a lot of precious memories for them, where so many meaningful moments in their relationship happened. And I have to tell you that one of my new favorite ways to explore a new city is wandering around just like we did on this crisp August evening, visiting otherwise ordinary places that were made extra-ordinary by the people who made memories there. 

SO EXCITED for even more memories to be made at their wedding next May! 

Colin + Pilar | married

I recently started journaling after every wedding, just a few notes about the details and my feelings as I reflect on the day. The memories. The people. The emotion. Even still, it's so difficult for me to put into words how much I cherish what I do, the people I spend time with, the love and joy I get to experience weekend after weekend.

This day was quite the celebration, from the beautiful peonies that filled every room with the scent of spring, to the endless smiles from everyone present, to the love for Colin and Pilar that was shared by every family member and friend. We celebrated who they were before they met, who they encourage and challenge one another to be now that they're together, and we celebrated the way that the Lord faithfully brought them to the moment that they said, "I do." 

Thousands and thousands of images could never do this day justice, but here are just a few that I love.