Austin + Liz | engaged

Austin and Liz are getting married today, so I decided it would be nice to share some of their joy with you on the blog in honor of the joy we'll be celebrating today as they commit their lives to one another and to the Lord. 

Happy Saturday, friends! I can't think of a better way to be spending mine. :) 

Todd + Sarah | engaged

Todd and Sarah met in high school and their story is something like that of a cute romantic comedy about two kids falling for each other. Here's the super short version:

Sarah, a freshman, had a crush on Todd, a junior who wasn't really interested in dating a freshman. Toward the end of the next school year, they went to the Junior/Senior prom with dates that they just didn't click with, and they ended up spending time with each other for the entire night. They clearly liked each other, but didn't start dating until later that summer when Todd left for college and even through the following four years of long distance, they've been together ever since! 

It's so evident when you spend time with these two that not only are they the best of friends, they're still falling for each other even after all these years. It's something special, and I'm really thankful to be celebrating AND capturing their love this fall. 

Austin + Jazmin | engaged

Happy Monday, friends! 

Can I tell you something? Blogging is kind of tough! Not because it can be a little time consuming or because I dread doing it, but because I want to share my heart with you here. I want to share how amazing the PEOPLE in these images really are, and sometimes I feel a little redundant when I'm writing about that - because I'm so fortunate to be connecting with such incredible people that I could spend a LOT of time raving about! So, I hope you can forgive me for getting a little repetitive in these posts. But I believe that it's a good thing to run out of positive adjectives to describe the people in your life. :) 

With that said, here's Austin and Jazmin - two people I really love spending time with. They're kind, thoughtful, fun, AND THEY HAVE THE CUTEST CORGI PUPPY. Need I say more? But in all seriousness, from Jazmin's first email that was so sweet, to meeting over coffee and bonding over so many things that we all love (i.e. The Office, corgis, marketing, trying new foods, etc.) - I knew we were meant to be friends and I am sincerely thankful to be sharing life with them. 

Tyler + Katie | engaged

It's Monday and the air today has the chill of winter so it seemed fitting to share this super sweet and snowy session with Tyler and Katie from a few months ago. 

Tyler and Katie met through Tyler's sister, Morgan, who also happens to be Katie's best friend. Their meet-cute story really resonated with me, because it included Katie biting into a creme puff and the creme pouring all over her beautiful homecoming dress. If you know me, you know I'm clumsy and this sort of thing happens to me all too often - I have quite a few of these silly embarrassing things happening to me in front of my now-husband, Brent! They started dating shortly after the affectionately named "creme puff situation," drifted apart for awhile, and then reconnected again a little over two years ago after spending a few years apart.

They have a long story, but at the heart of it all is that sometimes love means waiting until the timing is right. That's what they did, and this coming September we'll all be celebrating their story and all that they've been through that has brought them together!

Dylan + Kacie | engaged

This post has been sitting in my drafts folder for about a month and a half because every time I sit down to write, I feel like I can't quite find words to explain how awesome these two are. When I first met Dylan and Kacie, I thought to myself what everyone else likely thinks to themselves, "Um, these two should be models." And in a very real sense - they are, except from the inside out. They model a love that radiates all kinds of things, like humility, tenderness, patience, grace, and a genuine feeling of ease when they're together. 

What was most special to me about our time together was being able to share in some of the places that held meaning and memory to them on the campus where they met - like where they graduated, the dorm where they first met, the bench that overlooks the baseball field... What a treasure it is for me to be invited into these spaces - it fills my heart like few other things do. 

And I just have to say - Dylan and Kacie have some seriously big hearts and it's one of the reasons that I couldn't be more thrilled to know them AND to be there when they join those hearts together in marriage. A few weeks ago, my grandmother passed away and I shared a little bit about her in a post on Instagram. Shortly after, I received an email from Kacie that was filled with heartfelt words of encouragement and compassion from her and Dylan - it was exactly what I needed in that moment. Yet another reminder of why I'm thankful to do what I do - and a challenge to follow through when I feel led to reach out to someone in kindness.  

Enough of the rambling... enjoy some sweet and sunny images of these super wonderful humans. :)