Portrait of me by Madeline Isabella. She is awesome.




Hi there! I'm so glad you're here. 

I’m Andrea! I'm a wife, daughter, friend, coffee lover, dog mom, and photographer from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. I specialize in lifestyle and wedding photography, with a journalistic approach to capturing my subjects honestly and with minimal posing. I have this uncontainable joy and excitement when I'm behind a camera, but the primary reason that I love photography is because it's innately personal. I love people. People matter, more than the style of an outfit or the details of a venue (though those things are important, too!). It's the memories that make you smile and silly inside jokes that make you giggle and the moments you’ve felt proud of your person that captivate me. WHO YOU ARE, revealed in an image - that's what I'm after. 

I  believe that a photo is an heirloom, a precious moment and fleeting memory captured and shared for generations to come. I love being able to play a small role in helping to preserve some of your life and your story. 

I believe that my role on your wedding day is to serve you, and that means that my priority is allowing the day to unfold naturally and being 100% present to capture whatever that looks like. I am there for YOU, for your people, for all of the thought and love and energy you’ve poured into the day.

I believe that each individual has been fearfully and wonderfully made by a loving Creator, so I do my very best to capture every portrait, detail, and moment in a way that reflects who you are. And while you'll read below that I LOVE to travel to new places, I also believe that who you're with is far more important than where you are, so wherever we venture to together - I know it will be amazing!

If you want to listen to me share a bit more about my story and the heart behind this business, head over to The Hingework Podcast.


  • My husband, Brent. We are so thankful to do life together and he is my favorite and most trusted assistant, so there's a good chance that you might meet him during a portrait session or on a wedding day. He's known for welcoming disposition, dog-whispering (and wrangling!) skills, and amazing ability to make people laugh.

  • People, of course! Family, friends, and even strangers who stop me on the street to snuggle with my dog. My education is in Cultural Anthropology, so I love traveling to new places, learning new things, and meeting people. This is one of the reasons that I love doing what I do - it allows me to build relationships in such a unique way and it works out pretty well for me that so often clients end up becoming friends - let’s make that happen!

  • My furry best friend, Toby

  • A latte (usually caramel!) at my favorite local cafe

  • New York City!!!

  • Cooking and more recently, baking!

  • The Office

  • Singing often

  • Breakfast foods

  • Walking in the charming city that I call home

  • The color red

  • ...and really, I love a LOT of things, so I’ll stop here before this list gets too long!